Throwing Spring 2017



This Spring is my first year of throwing in high school, I have had 3 years of it in middle school, but those don’t really count asthey were nothing special. I’m currently throwing shotput and discus, the discus is new for me, as we weren’t able to throw it in middle school. I’ve had speculation as to why, and currently, my best guess is someone wasn’t looking and got hit in the head with a disc and then threatened to sue. Something like that.

So now I’m throwing for the Hornets, we as a team are decent, our boys’ team is definitely much worse than the girls, but we are still proud. You can see our stats here. Then there is me, being a freshman, I’m usually stuck in JV, so I’m trying to move quickly through the different techniques to get me throwing farther faster. JV wouldn’t be bad but during meets, we have to wait until after boys varsity throws, and then sometimes until after girls varsity throws. In order to get out of this, I need to improve quite a bit, my throws currently are 30’11” in shotput and 84’4″ in discus. There are a ton of different techniques for throwing, the best one for both events is the ‘spin’. Right now I’m working on the precursor techniques, the South African for discus, and the Glide for shotput. Like I said, its a work in progress, but I think I can nail them down.

Track and field is usually seen as an individual sport, everyone does their own event and tries to improve on their own PR. That is true, but I think when we come together as a team it is really cool, you only really feel this during the warm up lap before a meet, and then everyone tends to split off from there. I have never been much of a fan of team sports, which is why I like track and field, becauseI can only let down myself, rather then the rest of the team I guess. Anyways the short time we spend as a team I think is really cool, because it is nice to feel as part of a group, even if you may not be contributing much. Right now, I’m just going to keep working until I can contribute more.





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